Consulting and Onboarding


Leveraging our methodical approach, we assist you in addressing every facet required for the triumphant realization of your Web 3 project. We employ our proprietary Onboarding Framework to shepherd you on the path to your first inaugural product.

Tailoring to your specific needs, we jointly establish the essential components to transition your organization into the new era and actively engage all internal and external stakeholders in the process.


Know-How Transfer,
Assess possibilities and limits


Roadmap and
Business Model Design


Development of a first Web 3 prototype


Initially, we enable knowledge transfer, pragmatically outlining the boundaries and potential of Web 3 to you and your stakeholders. Subsequently, we equip you with crucial metrics for gauging the prospective value and audience of your initiative, leveraging on-chain data and market analyses.

Ultimately, we assist you in identifying first use cases and crafting the utility.


With our ‘Plan’ phase, you gain access to a benchmark analysis of carefully selected public blockchains, thereby allowing you to accurately evaluate the technical prerequisites and current status of Web 3 development.

Using this as a foundation, we aid you in crafting the business case and outlining a strategic go-to-market approach. To conclude, we assist in determining the project roadmap and identifying the requisite skill sets for your project.


In the culminating ‘Deliver’ phase, we engineer an initial prototype tailored to your application, launching it onto a recognized public blockchain. This grants you a first-hand opportunity to scrutinize the performance and user experience of your project within a testnet environment.

Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive code audit, offering insight into potential areas of optimization for your solution. To conclude, we transition your project into the mainnet, assisting in constructing the requisite frameworks for the long-term scalability of your endeavor.

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Blockchain Talents


Acquiring specialized knowledge in the Web 3 domain can pose a significant challenge. Traditional platforms such as job boards and social media offer limited capabilities when seeking professionals.

Our team steps in to manage the recruitment needs for your  initiative. In alignment with your specific requirements, we collaborate with you to determine the skillset required and pinpoint the perfect resources tailored to your needs.

Our role includes assisting you in the exploration, selection, and recruitment of highly skilled candidates well-suited to your organization’s vision.

Beyond merely identifying potential candidates, our comprehensive services encompass detailed research, conducting applicant interviews, and executing meticulous reference checks.