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Web 3Plan

In our Plan pillar, we furnish you with a comparative analysis of select public blockchains, empowering you to more adeptly appraise the opportunities for your distinct Web 3 project. Leveraging this foundation, our expert team aids you in crafting a compelling business case and devising an effective go-to-market strategy.

Moreover, we collaborate with you to outline a practical roadmap for your project, and assist you in identifying the crucial skills needed for its success.  We stand by your side throughout the planning process, ensuring your project is prepared for the road ahead.



In our Chain Block we sensitize you to the holistic topic of Web 3.



In the Envision Block, we work with you to define your Web 3 business model.



In the Operation Block, you take all the necessary actions to be able to start the development of your project.

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In our ‘Chain’ topic, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the broad Blockchain landscape and illustrate the pros and cons of selected Smart Contract Blockchains based on objective factors.

We elaborate on all significant criteria that dictate the benefits and drawbacks of implementing a Web 3 solution on various blockchains. With our guidance, you’ll gain the insights necessary to make informed decisions about which blockchain is the most suitable for your unique project needs.

Blockchain Benchmark


We conduct an extensive benchmark analysis of public blockchains, taking into account predefined factors such as TPS (Transactions Per Second), transaction fees, latency, validators, and wallet distribution. This data is further enriched with fundamental information that helps you evaluate a public blockchain, taking into account the current state of development.

Our evaluation strategy is informed by critical metrics including the Blockchain Trilemma — the balance between scalability, security, and decentralization. With this comprehensive analysis, we provide a foundation for your decision-making, helping you choose the most suitable blockchain platform for your project.

Blockchain Development


We carry out an evaluation of various public blockchains, considering both economic and social factors that could indicate the internal development performance of each platform. As part of this process, we create a detailed documentation of the startup economy within each blockchain ecosystem.

The factors we consider in our evaluation include tokenomics, network activities, and partnerships. By analyzing these components, we can provide a comprehensive picture of the blockchain’s growth, stability, and potential, offering crucial insights to help inform your project planning and implementation.



In the Envision phase, we work closely with you to define your blockchain business model. This approach is firmly rooted in the existing developments and potential of the Web 3 domain.

Not only do we focus on the technology, but we also explore the possibilities of integrating this technology into the real economy. Together, we’ll identify the necessary requirements for successful integration into your company, ensuring your blockchain initiative aligns with your overall business strategy and is geared for maximum impact.

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In the Tech phase, we collaborate with you to investigate the technical avenues for executing your project. This process involves staying abreast of the latest developments within the selected public blockchain, defining the requirements for your solution, and identifying the essential technology stack. This methodical approach ensures your project is supported by robust, up-to-date technology, aligning your Web 3 ambitions with practical implementation strategies.

Business model

Together, we construct the business case and the distinct workstreams required for the execution of your project. As part of this procedure, we conduct an initial cost analysis and resource planning, providing a recommendation concerning the profitability of your endeavor. Our aim is to ensure your project’s viability, aligning your ambitions with practical financial and resource considerations.


In the ‘Processes’ segment, we collaborate with you to delineate the requisite procedures for implementing your Web 3 solution. We assess the internal efforts required for operations and construct the necessary frameworks. This concerted effort ensures a smooth execution and operation of your solution, thereby fostering effective integration within your existing systems.

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In the 'Operation' segment, we implement all necessary measures to ensure the progressive development of your project. Here, we outline the individual workstreams necessary for implementation, setting the path for the successful execution of your Web 3 venture. This step is crucial in establishing a clear roadmap and structured process for your project's development.


Together, we formulate both internal and external resource planning for the execution of your project. Utilizing a skillset matrix, we identify the necessary skills for each respective workstream and proceed to recruit the required resources as needed. This collaborative process ensures your team is suitably equipped with the right talent and expertise for the successful realization of your Web 3 initiative.


In the roadmap segment, we collaborate with you to refine and record the project scope, subsequently developing a well-defined roadmap for the execution of your project. Following this process, you will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of all pivotal milestones, complete with a timeline for the successful implementation of your solution.