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Public blockchains frequently fall prey to speculation, leading to the technology’s potential being overshadowed. Our mission is to equip individuals to comprehend the possibilities of blockchain technology and Web 3, establishing themselves as entrepreneurs in this domain.

We provide you with a consultancy viewpoint on blockchain, presenting an opportunity to embark on a career in this sphere.

Innovate - Plan - Deliver

Onboarding Framework

With our methodical approach and holistic framework, we connect companies, public organisations, Startups, venture capitalist investors and individuals with the Web 3 and generate knowledge to realize value-added projects.

Skill development

Trainings & Workshops

In our workshops and trainings, we establish the groundwork for your blockchain and Web 3 career. We educate you on blockchain fundamentals, smart contract development (including Solidity, Node JS, React, EVM), blockchain use-cases (such as tokenization, DeFi, and more), all conveyed in understandable language.

Simultaneously, we identify potential gateways into this arena, whether you are a developer, artist, marketer, or entrepreneur.

If necessary, we can also assist you in executing your own project on a chosen public blockchain, providing support on both the business and technical fronts.



Do you have an idea for your own Web 3 project but aren’t sure how and where to begin? We assist you in bringing your project to life.

From defining the Utility to developing a robust business plan and implementing Smart Contracts, we offer comprehensive development and consulting support.

Additionally, we aid in team formation and establish channels that enable you to effectively reach your target audience.

Course 1 - Web 3 Consulting

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contract Platforms

Solidity, EVM, Oracle, API & SDKs, DApp Development, On-Chain Analytics

Stablecoins, Fungible Token, Non Fungible Token, DeFi, ReFi

Company, legislation, implementation

Course 2 - Web 3 Development

Hands on Wallets, DApps, Etherscan, Transactions

VS Code, Hardhat, Libraries, Test Tools, Frontend

Solidity Smart Contracts: ERC-20, ERC-721, Zero Trust Lottery (Oracles).

Javascript: Go live, testing, Next.js frontend (React)