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IdeaWe take you into the Web 3


We offer consulting, development and recruitment for your Web 3 project.


We support Web 3 Startups in the acquisition of funding and with business development strategies.


We provide Startup scouting in the Web 3 area for venture capitalist investors and innovation departments.


We empower you to view the Blockchain through a consulting perspective and support you in the implementation of projects.

Onboarding Framework

Our methodology

With our methodical approach and holistic framework, we connect companies, public organisations, Startups, venture capitalist investors and individuals with the Web 3 and generate knowledge to realize value-added projects.

We for you

Our values


We believe in positive and strong partnerships, based on appreciation and trust.

Value Driven

We strive to create sustainable value and foster innovation.

Fail Fast

We encourage you to explore new directions and view failures as learning opportunities.


We create transparency in a complex environment by sharing and generating knowledge.

Blockchain Onboarding


In our Blog we are focusing on the development of a methodological consulting approach for the implementation of Web 3 projects.