Understand - Create - Analyze

Web 3Innovate

Within our Innovate pillar, we realistically illustrate the potentials and boundaries of Web 3.0 technology, fostering a foundational understanding of the subject. Our  consulting service collaborates with your team to generate use cases uniquely suited to your business.

We evaluate your idea leveraging a combination of on-chain and off-chain data.



In the Understand block, we lay the foundation that will enable you to grasp the Web 3.0.



In the Create block, we create Web 3.0 use cases with you and define the utility.



The Analyze block provides you with an in-depth overview of the current market situation.



In our ‘Understand’ phase, we lay the groundwork for you to navigate the realm of Blockchain and Web 3 through a structured, guided approach.

Our workshops and trainings, tailored to your specific audience, demystify all the essential concepts, and are based on your current knowledge level, utilizing easy-to-understand language.

The primary objective of our workshops is to empower you to assess Web 3 projects competently and interact with professionals in the industry on an equal footing.

Consulting Fundamentals

In this section, our primary focus centers on comprehending the blockchain as a self-contained system. Our comprehensive explanation covers all pertinent concepts, empowering you to grasp the system in its entirety.

  • Basics: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contract Platforms
  • Development: Solidity, EVM, Oracle, APIs & SDKs, DApps, On-Chain Analytics
  • Tokenomics: Fungible Tokens, Non Fungible Tokens, Stablecoins, DeFi, ReFi, DeSci
  • Ecosystem: Lightning, layer 2, zk rollups, Crypto Payment
  • Real economy: Enterprise, legislation, implementation


During the 'Create' stage, we facilitate workshops aimed at uncovering a Web 3 use case that synergizes seamlessly with your organization and business model.

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Use case generation

In our Design Thinking sessions, we collaborate with you to delineate the problem that needs solving, sparking the creation of unique use cases. We prioritize these strategies based on feasibility and benefits, and map out the subsequent steps. Using our  expertise, we design bespoke solutions that help propel your organization into the world of blockchain.

  • Empathize: We start by identifying the needs and challenges of your target audience.
  • Define: We define measurable milestones for the success of your  project.
  • Ideate: With our Use-Case Session we empower you to create your own project.
  • Prototype: We create an easy to understand Web 3 application.

Utility design

Utility design is pivotal in the Blockchain and Web 3 domain to engineer solutions centered around user needs.

In our utility session, we assist you in materializing tangible user benefits for your project. We define a “utility” that aligns with your business strategy and targets your audience effectively, fostering active participation in the sphere.

Besides focusing on utility, we delve into essential elements such as tokenomics, community building, compliance policies, as well as PR and marketing strategies. In our role, we ensure your project is holistically prepared for success in the dynamic and competitive blockchain ecosystem.

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The Analyze block furnishes you with a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary Web 3 market landscape. We provide not only metrics for assessing blockchain data but also perform customized market analyses aligned with your unique needs. This empowers you to make informed, strategic decisions.

Our analytics services encompass both on-chain and off-chain analyses, integrating qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies. We harness cutting-edge market insights and blockchain analytics to aid your venture in navigating the fast-evolving landscape with confidence.

On-chain analysis

In the On-Chain Analysis segment, we delve together into the on-chain data of a chosen public blockchain. We utilize a blend of tested open-source solutions and trustworthy blockchain API providers.

Beyond simply collecting blockchain transaction data, we gather and scrutinize data relating to smart contracts and tokens. This data is prepared meticulously and presented to you in the form of a comprehensive report. We ensure you receive accurate and insightful analysis to support your strategic decision-making in the Web 3 realm.

Market and Off-Chain Analysis

In our market and off-chain analysis, we enrich the on-chain data with the market data that’s pertinent to your needs. Beyond mere data collection and market research, we undertake a strategic competitor analysis alongside a market potential analysis, providing a comprehensive perspective on your Web 3 project’s environment.

We orchestrate interviews and devise studies to capture expert opinions, user perceptions, and stakeholder assessments to discern impacts on industries and applications. In every step of this process, we maintain an unwavering commitment to the relevance and integrity of the data, assuring you receive the most accurate and meaningful insights.