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FAQFrequently asked questions

In this section we would like to answer the most important questions about web3ideation and our approach.

We are an entrepreneurial company that has set itself the goal of implementing Web 3 solutions into the real economy. For this purpose, we have developed the Web 3 Onboarding Framework, a procedural concept that defines our intention and takes both, the technical and the entrepreneurial aspects, into account.

We have set ourselves the goal of generating the greatest possible added value for our customers. Here we rely on several years of experience from consulting, industry and Web 3.

Yes, we also implement our own Web 3 prototypes. All our projects can be tracked in our Github account.

Yes, we are developing smart contracts using Solidity. We can help you create different tokens but also more complex applications like marketplaces, DeFi and DAOs.

web3ideation addresses Enterprises, non-profit organizations, venture capital investors as well as individuals who have an interest in Web 3 and would like to learn about the possibilities and limits of the technical revolution.

We are blockchain agnostic. The blockchain on which a Web 3 project is implemented is determined together with our customers according to objective criteria.