Scouting and Screening

V&IVenture & Innovation

The evolution of diverse blockchain systems has fostered the growth of varied Web 3 startup communities, each harboring unique use cases. Frequently, these early-stage startups possess the requisite know-how and resources, yet lack the necessary liquidity to transform their product into a minimum viable product (MVP).


Innovation through cooperation

We assist venture capitalist investors and innovation departments in Startup scouting and screening within the Web 3 domain.

Our process begins with an analysis of your requirements, where we establish the objectives of your project and supply you with a detailed documentation of a Startup ecosystem that is pertinent to your interests. Here, we illuminate the potential of startups based on predefined factors by conducting interviews with founders and analyzing extant financial and market data.

If a Startup is assessed as potentially intriguing, we initiate contact with the company to instigate discussions for a potential investment or collaboration.