Grants and Business Operation

Web 3Web 3 Startups

Startups harbor unique proficiency and an inherent ambition to actualize their pioneering solutions. Our devoted team is at the ready to bolster these Web 3 startups in materializing their innovative ideas.

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Web 3 Funding

Securing ample liquidity to realize a startup often presents a daunting challenge. Inadequate capital can lead promising MVPs to falter even at the implementation stage.

However, various avenues for securing funding exist, contingent on the country and region. Additionally, venture capital investors represent a potential source of initial investment funds.

Our dedicated team assists your Web 3 startup in securing necessary funding, with a particular emphasis on opportunities at the European level and within the Federal Republic of Germany (state and federal level), each featuring unique funding requirements and objectives.


Business Development

Employing our Onboarding Framework, we prepare your startup for market entry. We meticulously evaluate your business concept and collaborate with you to devise a strategic “market fit”, inclusive of a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy.

If desired, we can temporarily manage your business development activities, partnering with you to establish growth-centric sales structures designed to position your startup for success.

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